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CBD oils are the trendiest alternative remedy option on the UK market in the last few years, and their consumption is rapidly growing. This, happening on a national level caught the attention of even the most conservative citizens, which is why it almost seems that nowadays everyone has a bottle of CBD oil at home.

And why wouldn’t they? CBD oils, coming from the plant Cannabis Sativa are completely legal in the UK, as long as they have less than 0.2% THC, so people are free to buy them from the local pharmacy.

However, getting a CBD oil for the first couple of times can be really demanding. It takes time, research and some knowledge in order to get the best one for you and your specific needs.

More importantly, since we are paying for it with our own money, we want to get the absolute best for our buck. This is why, we tend to find the most potent, and the most effective and most reputable CBD oil there is.

But, with so many brands, names and types of CBD oils on our market, it is practically impossible to know which one might be the strongest one, or the best one for you.

Don’t rush too much – if you are new to this, you should probably stay away from the really strong CBD oils. And if you aren’t – we have a complete guide on how to find the best, and strongest oil on the UK market in 2019. Here is what you need to know before you make the commitment of making a purchase:

 How Is Strength Determined?

In order to know the potency you should be looking at in CBD oils, i.e. their strength, you need to understand what the concept of CBD strength actually means. And let us be honest – measuring the strength of a CBD product, in general, is not easy.

Initially, this is because CBD oils come in different forms – isolates, distillates, or broad-spectrum.

However, reading the label of the products and knowing what they are won’t get you far. Especially since it is a competitive market and the brands don’t always make sure that it is clear for the consumers for how potent a dose of the oil actually is.

So, in order to know the strength of a CBD product, you need to know how the testing labs look at it, and what does it mean when they further print it on the label.

The most important aspect you need to look at is the potency which basically explains how much CBD there is per volume measurement of the oil. For instance, if you compare two 100 – milliliter bottles of CBD oil, where one has 3,000 milligrams of CBD whereas the other one has 6,000 milligrams of CBD, you probably know that the one with the higher quantity of CBD is the more potent, i.e. the stronger one.

However, things get a bit complicated when the different manufacturers set different standards on the packages. Depending on the different brands and the different types of CBD oil products, you should also look for the purity of the oil, and in other cases, you might be looking at the percentage by volume.

Basically, this is confusing because even if you know that a CBD product is 99% pure, it still doesn’t tell you how potent and strong a dose is, or exactly how much CBD will you take with each dose. This is why we’d recommend finding a package with instructions or a manual that indicates how much CBD the product contains in milligrams.

Also, it is important that the companies do test the hemp plants and the oils in special labs for numerous compounds, which is why the reliable CBD oil companies will provide the testing results on their websites or product packaging.

 Is High Strength CBD Oil More Effective?

Although CBD has been recognized as significantly important for numerous discomforting symptoms for various diseases and conditions, some research is still yet to be done.

You already know that the strength depends on how much cannabidiol the oil contains. However, the potency and the effectiveness of a CBD product don’t necessarily depend on the cannabidiol. Sometimes, the other elements and ingredients might have a significant role, so to answer the question – is high strength CBD oil more effective – we don’t have the absolute answer.

After all, nothing is standardized when it comes to CBD – especially since there are different experiences with it, some people find it really helpful, whereas others don’t feel any change.

The effectiveness of a CBD oil depends on other elements, including the behavior of our individual bodies or sometimes even the other ingredients like minor cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and THCV can have a huge role in the effectiveness. Moreover, our metabolism and especially the bioavailability of the consumption methods might have a significant role in this.

Of course, in general, strength is an important factor towards the effectiveness of the CBD products, but it might vary. For example, getting a high-potency CBD product like one that has 35 milligrams per serving will surely be more effective than low-potency oils. Of course, if you are looking for something even more effective, you’d go for 50 milligrams CBD per dosage.

Another aspect regarding the effectiveness of a CBD product is its type – there is a consensus regarding broad-spectrum ones, which are therapeutically more beneficial than isolates.

Last but not least, the effectiveness of a CBD product might vary in terms of the application/consumption method. If taken as capsules, the oil goes through our digestive system, and this lowers the beneficial effects it has for our bodies, unlike using it topically for instance.

Best High Strength CBD Capsules, Tinctures and Vape Oil Brands in UK

If you want to get the best value for money, which is the strongest and most effective CBD oil, you need to be vigorous when you shop. There are numerous different brands and types of CBD products on the market, and sometimes the shiny package and the high price might fool you into buying a low-strength product.

However, as time passes, some brands have continued to prove their worth, and we’ve done the research for you. In the following text, we’ll give you a few suggestions for sure and safe buys you can make. Regardless of which brand you choose from the following ones, know that they’ve been thoroughly tested and looked at carefully.

Our teams of experts did in-depth research, and here are the best CBD product brands you can rely on to get strong and potent CBD products from:


One of the best brands on the British market is Provacan. It is a company with a really generous mission of confirming the benefits of cannabis products. This is why this brand manufactures its products in the EU in GMP compliant facilities, and they are subjected to the European laws and standards – making them safe, to begin with.

What we really love about Provacan is its vast list of products. They use a single effective formula, but they have products in numerous shapes and types – including CBD topicals, oils, edibles, e-liquids, and capsules. So you just need to pick what you need, and Provacan will provide it.

The quality of the Provacan products comes from the food-grade hemp plants, and all the products are non-GMO, made from EU-certified organic hemp plants. Also, Provacan grows its plants without the use of any herbicides, pesticides or insecticides, making them one of the best and most healthy CBD options on the market.

 CBD Life UK

Another great option for a CBD brand in the UK is CBD Life UK. This brand although somewhat new has proven its worth through the many satisfied customers in the period of its existence.

What people love about CBD Life UK is that their products, in general, are a great value for money. Specifically, they offer high-quality, very potent CBD products for a very reasonable price.

In the same manner, all CBD Life UK products are 100% non-toxic and non-psychoactive, made from safe and natural ingredients, which ultimately, leads to potent CBD products. This is exactly why CBD Life UK’s products are third-party tested and proven to be worthy of the name they have.

As the name suggests, the company has a basis in the UK, making all their products completely legal and according to UK laws and regulations, as well as the general EU regulations. Moreover, we like the brand because it works on the positive promotion of CBD oil and improving its legal status as a part of the most important organization – Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTAUK).

Love CBD

Another respected member of the Cannabis Trades Association, or more specifically, one of the founding members is Love CBD – a company not so old, but mature enough to cater to the needs of all CBD enthusiasts.

Love CBD offers numerous different high-quality products containing potent CBD, and what we and everyone in the UK respects are their reasonable prices for such products.

Of course, Love CBD products are made from hemp which is grown in farms only in Europe. It is needless to mention that these hemp plants are grown without harmful chemicals, artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

More importantly, the extraction process used features the most sophisticated CO2 technology, and in the end, this results in more potent and safer CBD oil being produced.

Almost all Love CBD products are as natural as they can be. For instance, their CBD sprays have only 2 ingredients – olive oil and cannabis extract. It might not be much, but this is more than enough to get you the results you are looking for.

All in all Love CBD is not the cheapest brand on the UK market, but it definitely has some great value for money.


Many people didn’t expect much from Hempura. After all, it launched in 2017, and they didn’t have enough time to prove their worth. Still, somehow, they are one of the most favorite brands among consumers in the UK.

Besides being a trustworthy member of the CTAUK, Hempura also proved to offer diverse and potent CBD products. They make their products using Eastern Europe-grown hemp, and their products have little THC in them.

Don’t worry about the THC, it is still within the limit of UK laws, and it is like this because Hempura uses whole-plant extracts instead of isolates. The good news is, the entourage effect takes place because of the wide range of terpenes and cannabinoids in the products.

Since Hempura is a new brand, they had to use state-of-the-art technology, and they do – using supercritical CO2 extraction which is effective and provides great CBD products.

What we really love about Hempura is that all of their products are made using batch numbers. These numbers are connected and linked to specific lab reports, and together with the transparent third-party testing results – you have all information to confirm and know for sure the quality and safety of all products by Hempura.

Besides this, Hempura is really beginner-friendly as a company – they even offer a free CBD guide you can download at any time. They also have a Knowledge Center for all questions you might have.

 Love Hemp

The last but definitely not least brand you can totally put your trust in is the Love Hemp. On the British market, they’ve been quite reputable for offering high-quality and diverse products to people who really need the medical benefits of them. For instance, Love Hemp’s products have proven worthy for those who have severe symptoms and discomforts, as they are really strong and potent, which is exactly why they help in a time-efficient manner.

Also, regarding Love Hemp as a brand, you should know that the company used to work exclusively for the UK market offering “ethically-sourced, premium quality full-spectrum cannabinoid extracts from low-THC hemp plants”. However, now they are expanding their market to the USA and further in the EU. It is established in London, and it initially started on the CBD market back in 2015.

On the subject of expanding, Love Hemp also expanded its product range. As of the past few months, they offer a diverse set of full-spectrum topical CBD lotions, vape oils, CBD oils, and CBD edibles. The more interesting thing is – they offer a great line of CBD water which caught the attention of all CBD enthusiasts. However, you cannot order the water online, you can only get it from stores.


We hope that our guide on how to find the best and the strongest CBD oil in UK was helpful to you. Remember, choose according to your own preference, and whichever brand you choose from the ones above, you cannot possibly make the wrong choice.

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