Article: Using MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy to Help Women Overcome Lack of Desire


Women’s desire issues have not been adequately addressed — it’s time to level the desire playing field. The Desire Project brings together a team of experts in sexual disorders and psychedelics to drive clinical outcomes for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD).

HSDD is a common female sexual disorder characterized by persistent low sexual desire and emotional distress that are not attributable to an existing medical condition or relationship issue(*2). According to current estimates, 40% of women in the US(*3) have self-reported low sexual desire, with the true disorder affecting 10% of adult women(*3) and 14% of premenopausal adult women(*4). In the U.S. alone, HSDD affects an estimated 9.5 million premenopausal women(*1), all reporting that their low desire results in a state of distress.

14% of premenopausal women in the US suffer from HSDD. This equates to an estimated 9.5 million women struggling on a daily basis. With a total market size estimated to be $3.18 Billion by 2025, (CAGR of 28% 2020-2025)(*5).

Our proposed clinical study will focus on the root cause of millions of women’s sexual desire issues. The Desire Project introduces a new focus in mental health care, combining MDMA and psychotherapy.

Living with HSDD is damaging as it can not only cause depression and anxiety, but also provoke feelings of frustration, a loss of oneself, anger, and the constant worry about how the lack of desire will affect intimate relationships. This can create a destructive, never-ending loop. While current drugs offer only temporary solutions without solving the problem directly, a safe and effective treatment for women’s sexual desire is crucial. MINDCURE’s aim is to break the cycle and bring an effective treatment to market.

“MDMA has enormous potential beyond PTSD, and we hope to create a care paradigm whereby MDMA- assisted psychotherapy becomes common practice for women suffering from decreased desire. The empathogenic nature of the psychedelic allows for a healing experience in women, whose access to desire may be more rooted in the mind than body.” – Kelsey Ramsden – Founder & CEO of MINDCURE

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4. Based on an estimate of the number of premenopausal women in the U.S and the expected number of women affected by HSDD (see footnote 2 above)

5. Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment Market by Type and Geography – Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025 (Technavio)