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In 2016, New Hampshire established a Therapeutic Cannabis Program, that allows Granite Staters with a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, PTSD, and epilepsy, to buy medicinal marijuana. Caregivers and physicians can also qualify for the program, with appropriate documentation. Those who qualify are required to buy the drug through one of the state’s four “Alternative Treatment Centers.”

Growth of New Hampshire’s therapeutic cannabis program has doubled, or more, in every qualifying demographic since the program began.

Qualifying Patients: 2,089 used the program in 2016, 8,566 participated in 2019

Designated Caregivers: 129 used the program in 2016, 488 participated in 2019

Certifying Providers: 560 used the program in 2016, 1,101 in 2019

Marijuana legislation in N.H.

2013: Maggie Hassan, the then Governor of New Hampshire, signed a bill that allowed seriously ill Granite Staters to use cannabis for medical reasons.

2015: Linda Horan, a stage four lung cancer patient, sues the state and wins the right to have a medical marijuana card.

2016: The first New Hampshire dispensary opens its doors to patients.

2017: Gov. Chris Sununu signed a marijuana decriminalization bill that reduces penalties for possessing small amounts of the substance. Adults could no longer be arrested for having less than 0.75 of an ounce of weed. Instead of jail time, those found in possession of the drug are fined, the proceeds of which go to statewide substance abuse prevention programs

2019: A bill was signed that allowed those who received convictions for possession of cannabis to have their records annulled.

2019: The Senate and House approved a bill that would allow patients and caregivers to grow their own cannabis. Gov. Sununu vetoed the bill.

2020: The State House passed a bill that would have legalized possession of marijuana. The Senate shelved the bill.


Commonly asked questions

How does New Hampshire stack up against other states?

Marijuana is fully legalized in 15 states in the U.S, including Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts. Legalization advocates have called New Hampshire an “island of prohibition” because of its strict marijuana restrictions compared to its closest neighbors.

New Hampshire: Marijuana is somewhat legal, medical use is allowed.

Maine: Marijuana is fully legal, medical use is allowed

Vermont: Marijuana is fully legal, medical use is allowed

Massachusetts: Marijuana is fully legal, medical use is allowed

What conditions can medical marijuana be used for?

In New Hampshire, a variety of conditions can qualify you for the therapeutic use of cannabis. Some of these conditions include cancer, PTSD, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.

Is medical marijuana safe?

According to the Mayo Clinic, more research needs to be done on the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana. However, there are some documented side effects of the drug including increased risk of heart attack, hallucinations or mental illness, dizziness and increased heart rate.

Is marijuana effective as medicine?

The U.S Food and Drug Administration has approved a couple of THC- and CBD-based medications for a variety of conditions, such as a lack of appetite, childhood epilepsy and naturopathic pain. More research needs to be done into the efficacy of marijuana based medicines to determine the extent of the benefits.




Prime Alternative Treatment Centers: 380 Daniel Webster Hwy, Merrimack

Sanctuary ATC: 568 Tenney Mountain Hwy, Plymouth

Temescal Wellness (two locations): 26 Crosby Rd #11-12, Dover, and 367 NH-120 Unit E, Lebanon