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Just as there are many different effects and variables with taking ketamine, this also applies to getting physical on this particular drug. There are many factors involved in whether or not ketamine will resonate with partners sexually. The number one factor in this process is consent! Because ketamine is a potent dissociative, it’s advised to have a sober conversation involving the consent of all possibilities that can occur.

Healing Sexual Traumas

Ketamine produces euphoria, similarly to what we can experience with sexual interactions. It’s natural for humans to experiment with similar variables.  Thus, making sex on ketamine so enticing.

Today, health practitioners in the psychedelic field are starting to treat their patients with ketamine for depression. Due to the ketamine treatment’s medicinal benefits for those suffering from traumas, this can be a great substance to heal sexual traumas individuals may be holding in their bodies. Its ability to evoke comfort and full relaxation could potentially lead down the path of an epic orgasm.

Some may view the experience as a deep release of false sexual concepts into a bountiful rainbow of climax. On the other hand, others are baffled at how an anesthetic could produce even the slightest sexual urge. Below are breakdowns of some of the most common effects that cause the above reactions and responses.

Relaxed Muscles

First and foremost, ketamine is an anesthetic – or a sedative. This is why participants claim to have a relaxed muscle sensation. This is very popular in the kink and Chemex community. For those interested in butt play and rougher sex, ketamine can be a plausible solution to find pleasure without the pain.

Increased Libido

Ketamine brings many people to a euphoric and healing state. One of its most common effects is body highs. They bring a heightened sense of sensuality which can increase libido. Also, as stated above, it can heal participants from sexual traumas, which can, in turn, increase overall libido in their everyday life.

Detachment From the Self

Due to ketamine’s dissociative nature, participants dissolve the boundaries of self, allowing potent intimacy and bonding with their partner. Two dissolve and melt into one.

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