At the epicenter of the world’s cannabis cultivation industry, good pot alone can’t always garner attention. Some brands go further than others to make an impression.

But “branding” no longer means the design of a product package or a tagline. In today’s late-capitalism dystopia, a brand can mean everything. Marketing managers will tell you that brands can have associated smells, stories and soundtracks, as well as personalities, dreams and an ethos. A company’s booth at a trade show is not a microscopic corner of the space-time continuum rented out in the pursuit of selling more disposable products, it is the opportunity for an “immersive brand experience” that showcases to the taste-making public how cool that brand can be.

Phil Duncan, vice president and global design officer of Proctor & Gamble, says in an interview in the 2011 book “Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits” that “a brand is something you have an unexplained emotional connection to.”

If that’s true — and given that California’s legal cannabis marketplace is not yet two-years-old, only coming online on Jan. 1, 2018 — then we consumers are but a captive audience of naive children, being taught who to love.

And of course, like children, the shiniest and most-novel experiences caught our eye. Here are five companies who used their Hall of Flowers booth to present a new kind of “immersive brand experience.” If the arms race of integrative marketing continues to pick up speed, next year we’ll be writing you from a hot air balloon, as we hit a joint with hologram David Bowie.