Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized 1.951 tons narcotics worth US$ 73.297 million in international market, arrested 46 accused including seven females and six foreigners besides impounding 20 vehicles while conducting 40 counter-narcotic strikes across the country.

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 12th Oct, 2020 ) :Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized 1.951 tons narcotics worth US$ 73.297 million in international market, arrested 46 accused including seven females and six foreigners besides impounding 20 vehicles while conducting 40 counter-narcotic strikes across the country.

According to an ANF spokesman on Monday, the seized drugs comprised of 1815.3 kg Hashish, 45.96 kg Heroin, 18.455 kg Methamphetamine (Ice), 61.155 kg Opium, 2300x Al-prazolam tabs and 10 kg suspected powder.

ANF KPPolice Station ANF Peshawar intercepted a car at University Road Peshawar and recovered 6.000 kg Opium & 9.600 kg Hashish besides arresting Khan Alam resident of Khyber Agency.

In another operation, ANF Peshawar conducted an intelligence based operation at Ring Road Peshawar and intercepted a car and recovered 13.050 kg Heroin. In third operation, the staff of Police Station ANF Mansehra intercepted a car at Township MarketMansehra and recovered 7.200 kg Hashish.

Three accused namely Muhammad Ismail Syed, Muhammad Aslam and Siraj Muhammad all r/o Peshawar were arrested. In fourth operation, the staff of Police Station ANF Peshawar intercepted a van at Motorway Toll Plaza Peshawar and recovered 16.800 kg Hashish.

Three persons onboard including a female namely Mustaqeem Khan r/o Nowshera, Ijaz Khan and Shakila Niaz both r/o Swat were also arrested. In fifth operation, ANF Peshawar arrested an accused namely Haroon ur Rasheed r/o Mardan at Motorway Toll Plaza, Peshawar and recovered 1.200 kgs Hashish. In sixth operation, ANF Peshawar staff intercepted a car at University RoadPeshawar and recovered 14.000 kg Heroin. An accused namely Gul Khan r/o Afghanistan was arrested. In seventh operation, ANF D.I Khan conducted an intelligence based operation at Sheikh Yousuf, D.I Khan, intercepted a car and recovered 200 grams Methamphetamine and 1.200 kg Hashish. Accused namely Gul Khan r/o D.I Khan was arrested. In eighth operation, ANF apprehended an accused during naka near Motorway Toll Plaza Peshawar and recovered 1.200 kg Hashish from arrested accused Mumtaz Ali r/o Swabi.

The staff of Police Station ANF Islamabad intercepted a pickup near Islamabad Toll Plaza (M1 Exit Point) Islamabad and recovered 4.000 kg Heroin and 10.000 kg suspected powder and arrested two accused namely Siraj Muhammad r/o Mardan and Naeem Akhtar r/o Karachi. In another operation, ANF Rawalpindi established a naka at link road Exit Point of MotorwayIslamabad and intercepted a car and recovered 3.600 kg Hashish & 850 grams Opium. Two accused namely Noor Alam and a lady accomplice namely Aneela r/o Peshawar were arrested. In third operation, ANF Rawalpindi intercepted a car at Old Motorway Toll Plaza, Islamabad and recovered 3.600 kg Hashish. In fourth operation, ANF Attock established naka near Iqbal Shaheed Toll Plaza GT Road Attock and recovered 1.200 kgs Hashish from arrested accused Hazrat Bilal r/o Peshawar. In fifth operation, ANF Attock established a naka near Iqbal Shaheed Toll Plaza, G.

RoadAttock and recovered 740 grams Heroin (Brown) from a female, Shaheen r/o Nowshera. In sixth operation, ANF Rawalpindi intercepted a Netherland bound suspected consignment from a private cargo office located at Rawalpindi and recovered 5.300 kg Heroin which was tactfully concealed in a photo album. In seventh operation, ANF Rawalpindi arrested five American national accused namely Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Zubair Iqbal Khan, Zahid Bibi, Mukhtiar Khan and Resham Jan, all residents of Attock at Islamabad International Airport and recovered 2300 Al-Prozolam Tabs (0.434 Kg) from their possession. In eighth operation, 900 grams Hashish was recovered from personal possession Jamroz Khan r/o Khyber Agency. In ninth operation, 1.010 kg methamphetamine was recovered from a consignment from an international cargo office located at I-8 Islamabad. 2.745 kg methamphetamine was also recovered for a suspected consignment from international cargo office located at Aabpara Market. In eleventh operation, Police Station ANF Rawalpindi apprehended a female accused Rukhsana Ramzan r/o Sargodha and recovered 2.200 kg Hashish. She was arrested at Exit Point of Motorway Toll Plaza, Islamabad.

In twelfth operation, Police Station ANF Rawalpindi while establishing naka at Exit Point of Motorway link roadIslamabad also recovered 4.800 kg Hashish from personal possession of the two accused namely Muhammad Ullah r/o Khyber Agency and Ehsan Ullah r/o Peshawar. In another operation, ANF recovered 2 kg heroin (Brown) from a vehicle and arrested Tayyab Khan r/o Hangu.

ANF LahoreFaisalabad and Multan conducted six operations and managed to recover 2.400 kg Hashish, one kg heroin, 1.650 kg methamphetamine, 3.600 kg hashish, two kg heroin, 32 kg Opium, 133.200 kg hashish, 14.400 kg hashish, three kg opium and three kg hashish from the possession of a female namely Bushra Bibi r/o Gujranwala, Muhammad Iqbal r/o Sheikhupura, Muhammad Usman r/o Lahore, Muhammad Aqeel Javed r/o Lahore, Bashir Ahmed, Allah Muhammad, Muhammad Daood r/o Pishin, Saad Ullah, Shahzad Khan r/o Faisalabad and Khair Muhammad r/o Jaffarabad, arrested from different areas.

Similarly, ANF KarachiSukkur and Hyderabad conducted 10 operations in their jurisdiction and recovered 2.000 kg Hashish, 1.000 kg hashish, 70.000 kg hashish, 3.870 kg heroin, 236.800 kg hashish, 6.000 kg opium, 132.000 kg hashish, 14.500 kg methamphetamine, 2.700 kg opium, 23 kg hashish, five kg opium, 90 kg hashish, two kg hashish and one kg heroin from the possession of Qaiser Khan r/o Karachi, Mir Hussain r/o Shikarpur, Matiullah r/o Qillah Abdullah, Ch Muhammad Qasim r/o Rawalpindi, Muhammad Bachal, Ghulam Muhammad r/o Khairpur, Nazeer Ahmed, Hadi Bux r/o Sanghar, Jahangir and Alam Zaib r/o Karachi who were arrested from different areas.

ANF Quetta, in two different operations recovered 1000.000 kg Hashish and 50.000 kg Hashish.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997.