Now, according to a recent press release, a company called CannabCo Pharmaceuticals out of Brampton, Ont. claims that they have found a way to eliminate the distinct odour of cannabis via an “advanced cannabis technology” from an “undisclosed technology provider.”

The company says that it is raising capital and constructing its pilot facility in Brampton.

The technology dubbed PURECANN aims to eliminate the smell of cannabis during storage and “virtually” all odours upon combustion. The company also claims that it could reduce the “harshness of smoke” and the amount of coughing one has when consuming smoked or ingested cannabis.

The release claims that the process is fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) regulations, which could make a great hit with multi-national cannabis operations.

Not all were happy with the announcement.

Dan Sutton, CEO of BC-based cannabis producer Tantalus Labstweeted yesterday that his company carries “the exact opposite of the product.” Sutton often promotes his company’s mission, which is to produce quality cannabis grown in a custom-built facility in the lush landscapes of British Columbia.

The odourless cannabis may not please Canadian cannabis connoisseurs, some of whom say the legal stuff simply doesn’t look or smell as good as the illicit stuff.

In June of this year, American cannabis magnate Steve DeAngelo told BNN Bloomberg live on air that the cannabis he saw while visiting Canada “had an extremely low terpene profile.” He said he saw mostly “terpene-free” cannabis that “just wasn’t attractive.”