Here’s a review. We’ll let you decide ! We’re a bit old fashioned and stick to coffee and a spliff.

This spray has a strong coffee taste with delicious chocolate undertones that pairs wonderfully with almost any cup of coffee. It also makes a great addition to smoothies, hemp milk and other food and drinks. If you are a lover of coffee flavor, you’ll probably enjoy spraying PlusCBD Cafe Mocha Spray directly in your mouth, too.

For this review, we tested the this spray in the 500mg strength. According to PlusCBD, each 2 ounce bottle contains about 160 servings of 2 sprays each. Each serving provides about 3mg of CBD, or 1.5mg per spray. This is a relatively low dose of CBD, but we found it made a great start to our day which we could supplement later with CBD in other forms … or by going back for a second cup of CBD coffee! Since CBD oil can promote relaxation and combats anxiety, it may even reduce some of the negative side effects of coffee.