When the red carpet is long and the heels are high, celebrity stylists are increasingly opting for CBD to ease their clients’ aching feet.

Stars like Michelle Williams and Mandy Moore have both slathered their toes with the cannabidiol-infused (and non-psychoactive) Lord Jones Body Lotion ($60) to ward off stiletto-induced pain.

Earlier this month — and just in time for awards season — the brand teamed up with celeb-approved shoe designer Tamara Mellon to launch a dedicated Stiletto Cream ($70) expressly for this purpose, and judging by the social media response, it’s already a hit.

Stylists Kate Young (who dressed Williams along with Sophie Turner for the 2019 Emmys) and Nicole Chavez (who outfitted Kristen Bell) both gave the stuff shoutouts on their Instagram Stories Sunday night.