The Manchester Evening News reports…….The bar, which is open for a soft-launch period from today, hopes to create an Amsterdam-style experience with legal substances.

As well as CBD-infused cocktails, beers and coffees, there will be vapeables and distillables available on site.

Hemp is opening at 82-84 Tib Street, backed by property investor Oliver Lipson and operated by Ryan Whelan and Kirsty Millard.

Cocktails are made using a range of spirits including hemp-infused alcohol, with names including Smoky Joe and Scary Jane and prices between £7.50 and £10.

Co-founder Ryan said: “We’re trying to keep the prices on a level with the area.

“But CBD just adds an extra something to your drink – some people like to relax with a glass of wine and if you have a CBD-infused drink it’s definitely going to give you that extra bit of relaxation.

“CBD’s good for anxiety, stress relief, it’s anti-inflammatory, people say it’s good for pain relief.

“It’s Manchester’s first Amsterdam-style cafe but obviously with no illegal substances.”

CBD is extracted from hemp, a variety of the cannabis sativa plant with negligible levels (less than 0.3% by dry weight) of THC, the psychoactive substance found in marijuana that produces its mind-altering high.

“It was a natural progression from a vape shop, which don’t have the space. This venue’s the perfect size for a CBD cafe and the perfect location. It’s funky round here.”


more of the same at the link ( probably not the best business move at this particular time)