When will people learn – if you have smoked weed up to a month before getting on a plane do not go via Dubai. It is that simple

The Daily Mail has the story of how a 51-year-old American man from Las Vegas traveled to Dubai in late February. He smoked marijuana in Las Vegas legally prior to his trip, and of course didn’t take any with him, since that’s highly illegal.

A day after arriving in Dubai, the man fell ill with pancreatitis and was hospitalized. He received emergency treatment, and a day prior to being discharged he was asked to provide a urine sample.

The urine sample showed traces of marijuana, which is illegal in the UAE. Per laws in the country, the hospital had to turn over those results to the police.

At that point the man was arrested by the police and thrown in jail for three days. While in jail, a vein where an IV had been placed as part of his treatment became infected, and the medicine he was prescribed also weren’t given to him by jail staff.

After being released from jail he was confined to his hotel, as prosecutors are still deciding whether to charge him, in which case he could be looking at up to three years in jail on drug charges. He’s not allowed to leave the country, as he’s apparently on the UAE’s “no fly list.”

As the man said in an interview:

“I was absolutely stunned to learn that I was being charged due to residual marijuana in my system. I smoked it legally back in America long before I even got on the plane.

I knew about Dubai’s strict drugs laws but never for one moment did I think something I legally did in my own country would lead to my arrest.

This has just turned into a complete nightmare. I never thought by going to hospital I would end up being thrown in a jail.”

These arbitrary laws are a problem

If you ask me, this is such an egregious enforcement of the law, and hopefully these charges get dropped. This is the general issue with traveling to a country that has strict laws that aren’t enforced a vast majority of the time.

Source:  https://onemileatatime.com/american-jailed-dubai-marijuana/