Alaskans seem to have an affinity for high potency pot. Reports Cannabis Now

And they don’t care what it costs , as long as they can get fucked up.

Here’s the Cannabis Now report

A recent report from the Anchorage Daily News finds that Alaska’s cannabis culture is spending in upwards of 80 percent more for high potency strains than in other areas. Dispensaries have seen no shortage of customers snatching up those buds packed with at least 20 percent THC. It seems the population has found solace in the sort of weed that might give others panic attacks.

But this affinity for the “top shelf” does not end there. In fact, the higher the THC content, the easier it is for dispensaries to sell it. States officials, like Brandon Emmett with the Marijuana Control Board, say “Alaskans have an obsession with marijuana over 20 percent (THC).”

It doesn’t seem to matter that these powerful breeds are close to double the price of the average strain (14 percent), “they very much are buying on potency,” one dispensary owner explained. “I don’t see that going away anytime soon.”

This trend has become such a rabid force that industry experts predict that some of the cultivation operations churning out low-THC products could face bankruptcy.

Jessica Alexander, lab director at New Frontier Research, calls the trend “real nonsense” that only stands to drive up the cost and put some cannabis companies out of business.