Supplemental nutrition brand Aeternum will be attending ECRM’s August virtual program on Hemp/CBD Health And Beauty Care. The Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference is an opportunity for brands to meet with some of the largest retailers in the United States. ECRM is an opportunity for brands to engage in networking that will garner them new exposure and retail buyers for their products. The conference has moved to an online platform in order to provide a fruitful experience while maintaining safety and social distancing guidelines.

ECRM is historically an in-person, large scale meeting in which brands are face-to-face with some of the country’s largest retail representatives, showcasing the best products that they have to offer. August’s program will highlight established and up-and-coming brands in the Hemp and CBD industry, emphasizing the role of hemp in beauty and natural wellness products. The Hemp/CBD Health And Beauty Care Program will retain the general format of the in-person conference, while taking the platform digital with video conferencing software.

Aeternum has vastly expanded their online product availability throughout 2020 and has seen tremendous growth in their e-commerce sales, adding some of North America’s largest e-commerce retailers to their portfolio. Aeternum attributes a portion of their recent success to the addition of hemp products to their already popular supplement lineup.

Aeternum founded their brand selling high-quality versions of well-known supplements, such as Psyllium Husk and Collagen, but have since expanded to include more products featuring their full spectrum hemp oil. Now, some of Aeternum’s best-selling items are their hemp products, such as Hemp Oil 300 mg Full Spectrum from Organic Hemp Dietary Supplement Capsules as well as their extremely popular Dream – Hemp Oil Blend from Organic Hemp Dietary Supplement Capsules. But in addition to these specialized products, Aeternum also sells the tincture version of their hemp oil, Hemp Oil Full Spectrum 500 MG- Premium Health Booster.