Cannabis has been coming out of the closet for some time. Now it will get its due under the bright lights of a big-time runway show during New York Fashion Week. The bold vision of designer and Project Runway alum Korto Momolu will be in the spotlight as the spirited Bravo TV star unveils her unique take on the new world of legalized cannabis inspired by women leading the industry.

But you won’t see stoner-esque tie dye or giant green marijuana leaves on the sophisticated ready to wear and girly ath-leisure collections by the Liberian-born stylist.  Momolu, who has shown her cutting edge work featuring vibrant African prints and body positive models at Fashion Week since 2009, will send clothing down the catwalk that she says reflects the “mood” of the women pushing a new conversation about cannabis. It’s not about getting high. It’s about good health, wellness and style.

“We are incorporating hemp and jute, linen, cork…sustainable fabrics. But then we have brocade and sequins and really pretty pieces that we’re just kind of putting together just to show another view of it (cannabis), to show what cannabis [as an industry] looks like,” enthused Momolu from her home studio in Little Rock, Arkansas, as she raced to put the finishing touches on the show sponsored by Women Grow, the largest national network of professional women in the marijuana and hemp fields.

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