The Civil Guard dismantled a hashish trafficking criminal network in Madrid, arresting five people. Likewise, a 525-kilogram shipment of hashish was intercepted inside a vehicle as the network attempted to transport it from the Huelva province to Colmenar Viejo, Mira Corredor reports.

Civil Guard focused on identifying the possible distributor, who turned out to be a Moroccan with a criminal record.

The operation led to the interception of a caravan of three vehicles and the seizure of 525 kilos of hashish transported by one of them.

The people arrested are two Moroccan nationals, the 27-year-old leader and another one in his forties. Two Romanians aged 32 and 41 who were in charge of distributing the substances and who were the usual drivers, as well as a 47-year-old Spanish citizen, were also arrested.

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