Among professional sports, who would’ve selected golf as the catalyst to shift marijuana policy for athletes? Not us, but golf finds itself in a unique position compared to other sports. While it’s an open secret that football and basketball players use cannabis, we usually only hear about their support for policy change or the launch of their new marijuana brand after these same athletes retire.

That isn’t the case with golf. If you haven’t heard, golfers love CBD oil. Several of them, including Bubba Watson, Scott McCarron, and Charley Hoffman, enjoy endorsement deals with CBD companies. Though unconfirmed, many speculated that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have taken to chewing CBD gum during major tournaments.

In addition, two-time winner Matt Every was suspended by the PGA Tour in October for violating the substance abuse policy. He later admitted he holds a medical marijuana prescription for a mental health condition. Every knew the tour’s policy, but continued to use marijuana anyways because “cannabis has proven to be, by far, the safest and most effective treatment,” he said.

In this light, a new anonymous poll conducted by should come as no surprise. Among the 52 professional golfers that participated, nearly 60% said the tour should allow players to use marijuana. When asked if they knowingly smoked weed or ingested edibles, one in five golfers said they had. The poll also found that just about 30% of the top 125 ranked professional golfers in the world regularly use CBD.

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