2 dead in Texarkana after synthetic marijuana overdose

Two people in Texarkana are dead after overdosing on synthetic marijuana, the Texarkana Texas Police Department says.

Police posted on Facebook Monday, March 20, saying there have been at least seven overdose cases, including the two deaths, in the past few days. Police say they’re working to find out where this “tainted” batch came from before more people potentially die.

Police say synthetic marijuana is very dangerous, and they urge people to steer clear of it.

“If someone is needing medical attention because of a possible overdose of any drug or this K2, we urge you to call 911, so anybody who needs help can get help immediately so it doesn’t result in death. We are not going to seek to arrest you at that moment or anything like that,” said Sgt. Kimberly Weaver with the Texarkana Texas Police Department.

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