Sean O’Malley Uses Weed To Chill

Sean O’Malley is known for his affection for cannabis products and often takes to social media to advocate for the same.

‘Sugar’ recently appeared on the Full Send Podcast and revealed that he regularly uses marijuana to relax and recover after hard training. The UFC star also brought up how weed helps him wind down.

O’Malley further stated that he’s a believer in hot-cold therapy and does it ‘pretty religiously’ during training camps.

“Yeah, I think f***ing weed’s one of the best medicines on this f***ing earth!…I think I use it specifically for, yeah, to get stoned…mainly I use it at night. It really helps me wind down, it’s like my body knows that okay, we’re winding down for the night. I have a hot tub and cold plunge at home that I do pretty religiously, in camp, hot tub cold plunge every night…I eat clean quality, organic whole foods…,” said Sean O’Malley.

Watch Sean O’Malley talk about his marijuana use from 25:10 below:


In January, the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) surprised everyone when it ‘essentially’ removed marijuana as a banned substance for UFC fighters.

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